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Sneaky Music DS

At last, enjoy genuine audiophile performance from digital music around your home.

( Linn )

PC-based music players have considerable plus points - the simple connectivity, ease of use and fast access to your music collection. However, until now the audio performance has failed to inspire.

Sneaky Music DS means you no longer have to compromise performance for convenience. With an unrivalled hi-fi heritage, Sneaky Music DS combines genuine audiophile performance with all the convenience of a typical PC-based system, making it the perfect networked music solution.

Sneaky DS streams audio files from a central location and converts them to music. On-board pre- and power amplification makes it a compact and discreet unit. Simply connect it to your home network and add loudspeakers to enjoy unprecedented musical clarity from your digital music.

With your digital music collection stored in one place, ready to be heard at full quality, you won’t miss a note. Enjoy your CD collection as never before. It also supports both the highest quality and most widely used download formats, as well as a wide range of Internet radio stations.

What’s more, you are entirely free to choose the control solution that best meets your requirements. Whether you use a touch screen, remote control, PC or even your mobile phone, you’ll get instant access to your entire music collection at the touch of a button.

Want to enjoy your digital music collection at the same superb quality throughout your home? Simply expand your system by adding a Sneaky Music DS and loudspeakers wherever you want to listen. You can even add Sneaky to other network music players already installed in your home, to create a mixed multi-room system.

Your entire music collection can of course still be accessed simultaneously and independently in any room within a multi-room system. You can even use the same controller for every room in your home.

Your Linn DS system can be kept up to date with the latest features and formats via a simple software upgrade.