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Klimax 350 Passive

Uncompromising in every conceivable aspect, the name Klimax represents the pinnacle of audio perfection. Klimax is the culmination of over 35 years’ experience...

( Linn )

The Klimax loudspeaker range is the culmination of an intensive period of acoustic analysis and development which spanned over two years. Significant playback breakthroughs resulted from this period. The Aktiv servo bass system, 3K Driver Array, drive units and their crossovers have been extensively re-designed and improved to deliver a level of clarity and detail commensurate with Klimax. The result is pure audio perfection.

The Klimax range perfectly complements the highest performance stereo or multi-channel music and movie systems. The fully integrated Aktiv floor-stander, bookshelf and centre channel have Linn’s patented Chakra amplification cleverly housed within the cabinet for a high performance yet simple and neat solution. The requirement for fewer individual components not only makes Klimax loudspeakers more visually appealing, it is also more efficient than traditional active designs - superior in every parameter through simplicity. The Aktiv servo bass-reinforcement loudspeaker completes the range to provide full 5.1 playback. A passive variant of the floor-stander is also available for use with external power amplifiers.

The exceptional performance of the floor-standing model is further enhanced by a new stand design. The stand is plasma-cut and machined from a single piece of armour-grade steel plate to provide rock-solid stability, and echoes Glasgow’s long-established ship building roots.

Klimax loudspeakers retain the elegance and outstanding build quality first introduced in the exceptional Artikulat loudspeaker range, and hailed as ‘gorgeous’. The curved, sculpted cabinets form an exceptionally rigid shell in which the drive units operate. Four real wood finishes are available - Black Ash, American Cherry, Maple or Rosenut. All loudspeakers are also available in special high gloss finish or, for the more inventive, we can create a bespoke solution especially for you which complements your living space.

Complete your Klimax system with loudspeakers which represent the ultimate in precision engineered performance and beauty.

Klimax Loudspeaker Model Summary

Artikulat350 Klimax 350A
Fully-integrated Aktiv floorstanding loudspeaker.

Klimax 350
Passive floorstanding loudspeaker with Aktiv servo bass (go externally Aktiv with a Klimax Tunebox).

Artikulat320 Klimax 320A
Fully-integrated Aktiv four-way bookshelf or stand-mounted loudspeaker.



Klimax 340A
Fully-integrated Aktiv five-way centre channel loudspeaker



Klimax 345
Aktiv servo bass reinforcement loudspeaker